Engineer Cuff Diamond Above 2.5 Row 3/8th
March 17, 2023
Second Officer Diamond Above 2 Rows 3/8th Epaulettes
March 17, 2023
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Chief Officer Diamond Above 3 Rows 3/8th Epaulettes


  • Chief Officer
  • 3 Rows 3/8th Gold Braid
  • Black Felt backing
  • Diamond Above Pattern
  • Velcro Fastening

Elevate your uniform with the distinguished insignia of the Chief Officer Diamond Above 3 Rows 3/8th Epaulettes, meticulously designed to signify authority and leadership in maritime operations.

Design Elements:

  • Braid: These epaulettes feature three rows of meticulously woven French gold braid in 3/8th width, exuding a sense of refinement and professionalism. The intricate pattern forms a diamond above design, symbolizing the esteemed position and responsibilities of a Chief Officer.
  • Fastening: Designed for practicality and convenience, these epaulettes are equipped with a Velcro fastening mechanism. This allows for easy attachment to shirts or jackets with sliders, ensuring a secure fit and effortless integration into your uniform ensemble.

Professional Significance: As a visual representation of rank and expertise, the Chief Officer Diamond Above 3 Rows 3/8th Epaulettes embody the wearer’s authority and proficiency in leading maritime operations. They serve as a symbol of trust and competence, instilling confidence in crew members and commanding respect from peers and superiors alike.

Applications: Ideal for Chief Officers in the maritime industry, these epaulettes seamlessly complement uniform attire, adding a touch of prestige and authority. Whether aboard a vessel or onshore, these emblems distinguish Chief Officers and signify their pivotal role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of maritime activities.

Conclusion: Enhance your uniform ensemble with the Chief Officer Diamond Above 3 Rows 3/8th Epaulettes. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these insignias symbolize more than just rank—they represent a legacy of leadership, competence, and dedication to maritime excellence. Command respect and showcase your authority with these esteemed epaulettes, a testament to your commitment to professionalism and proficiency as a Chief Officer.


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