Second Electrical Engineer Diamond Above Epaulettes
March 20, 2023
Second Electrical Engineer Diamond Above Boards
March 20, 2023
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Second Electrical Engineer 3 Row Diamond Above Green 3/8 Cuff


Rank: 2nd Electrical Engineer

Braid: French Gold Braid with MN Green 3/8th

Black: Felt backing

Sold in Pairs

Can be fitted to Jackets if bought with Cuffs


Elevate your uniform with the distinguished insignia of the Second Electrical Engineer 3 Row Diamond Above Green 3/8 CuffRank, meticulously designed to signify expertise and professionalism in the field of electrical engineering.

Design Elements:

  • Braid: Crafted with precision, the French Gold Braid adorned with MN Green accents in 3/8th width adds a touch of elegance and distinction to the uniform ensemble, symbolizing excellence and specialization in electrical engineering.
  • CuffRank: Featuring a striking three-row diamond above configuration, this emblem commands attention and respect. The MN Green accent in 3/8th width further emphasizes the wearer’s expertise as a Second Electrical Engineer.
  • Backing: Designed for durability and comfort, the insignia boasts a sleek black felt backing, ensuring a seamless integration with uniform attire while providing a comfortable fit.
  • Sold in Pairs: Each set includes two insignias, facilitating uniformity and symmetry in appearance when attached to the cuffs of jackets.
  • Optional Compatibility: These insignias are designed for fitting onto 8 Button Reefer Jackets, offering versatility and customization options for your uniform ensemble.

Professional Significance: More than a mere accessory, the Second Electrical Engineer 3 Row Diamond Above Green 3/8 CuffRank insignia embodies the wearer’s commitment to excellence, technical proficiency, and dedication to upholding the highest standards of performance in electrical engineering roles.

Applications: Ideal for professionals in maritime, military, or industrial sectors, these insignias seamlessly complement uniform attire, adding a touch of sophistication and professionalism. Whether aboard a vessel, within a corporate facility, or in the field, these emblems serve as a symbol of expertise and integrity, garnering respect and recognition from peers and superiors alike.

Conclusion: Elevate your uniform ensemble with the Second Electrical Engineer 3 Row Diamond Above Green 3/8 CuffRank insignias. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, these emblems signify more than just a badge—they represent a legacy of excellence, proficiency, and unwavering dedication to the field of electrical engineering. Command respect and showcase your expertise with these esteemed insignias, a testament to your commitment to professionalism and performance.


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