Second Electrical Engineer Diamond Above Boards
March 20, 2023
4 Row 3/8th Hotel Epaulettes White
March 20, 2023
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Second Electrical Engineer Diamond Above Epaulettes


  • Rank: 2nd Electrical Engineer
  • Braid Colour: Gold and Green
  • Shape: Diamond Above 3 Row of gold braid with MN Green underneath to represent Electrical Engineer.
  • Backing: Black Wool felt
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  • Elevate your professional presence with the distinguished insignia of the Second Electrical Engineer Diamond Above Epaulettes Rank. Meticulously crafted to reflect expertise and proficiency in electrical engineering roles, this emblem embodies a fusion of tradition and contemporary design.Design Elements:
    • Braid Color: Imbued with sophistication, the braid showcases a harmonious blend of gold and green hues, symbolizing both excellence and the essence of electrical engineering proficiency.
    • Shape: Resplendent in its symbolism, the diamond above configuration commands attention, flanked by three rows of resplendent gold braid. A subtle yet distinctive addition, the MN Green accent beneath underscores the wearer’s specialized expertise as an Electrical Engineer.
    • Backing: Crafted for durability and comfort, the insignia features a sleek black wool felt backing, ensuring a seamless integration with various uniform styles. Additionally, a reliable Velcro fastening mechanism guarantees effortless attachment and secure positioning.

    Professional Significance: As a testament to technical prowess and commitment to excellence, the Second Electrical Engineer Diamond Above Epaulettes Rank serves as more than just a visual marker—it embodies the dedication and expertise required in electrical engineering domains. Whether adorning the uniform of a seasoned professional or a promising newcomer, this insignia signifies a commitment to precision, innovation, and the highest standards of performance.

    Applications: Ideal for a myriad of professional settings including maritime, military, or industrial environments, the Second Electrical Engineer Diamond Above Epaulettes Rank seamlessly integrates into various uniform ensembles. Whether aboard a vessel, within a corporate facility, or in field operations, this emblem adds a distinguished touch, fostering a sense of pride and unity among wearers while commanding respect and recognition from peers and superiors alike.

    Conclusion: Incorporating a blend of timeless design elements and modern functionality, the Second Electrical Engineer Diamond Above Epaulettes Rank represents more than just a badge—it embodies a legacy of excellence, expertise, and unwavering dedication. Elevate your professional identity and command respect with this esteemed insignia, symbolizing the pinnacle of achievement in the realm of electrical engineering.

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